Summer holiday

We welcomed the summer solstice last week in our beloved Sandy Hook at the Jersey Shore. Glamping at its best along pristine nature's coastline preserve complete with families of deer, groundhogs, foxes and bunnies roaming freely. While the sea winds blew through most days, our beginning of the summer soared quickly. Our week's stay in a former Sergeant's home behind Officers' Row at Fort Hancock, which sits at the tip of the hook, bay on one side, ocean on the other, and one of the oldest lighthouses south of our quarters, delighted us. What an 
adventure it was to ride along the trail on our bikes for hours on end as the breeze propelled us to notice the haunting beauty and history of the battery and artillery base ruins.

summer holiday, she never ages
she invites us to the shore
and waves family members to come along
in celebration of connection, 
her sunny warmth
comforts and embraces us in togetherness 
a familiar, a pamilyal love
no matter how long it's been
in her hushed and happy as a clam way
she nestles my broken spirit 
and whispers,
do you see the sun (rise, set),
do you feel how sweet the light (life)?