Roaring twenties

2021 is off to a roarin' start. In the midst of writing my representatives (again and
Ricardo Levins Morales

again) about impeaching the lunatic resident in the White House, I've been appreciating the delicious ease between deep breaths, 
crafting love notes with wax seals, and planning more shared mindfulness opportunities, all with the intention of creating more heartfulness within myself and around me. 

As we await our covid vaccine turn, I pray that my daughter focuses on the gifts of the pandemic, not on all that sometimes feels lost. 

May she remember . . .

  • lazy summer days in the garden tub
  • s'mores, hotdogs, and chicken on sticks around the firepit
  • zooms with family and friends -- just like the Jetsons!
  • treks to the top of the mountain for our healing dose of riverside air 
  • calamari and pizza runs after our weekend morning hikes to support our local restaurants
  • holiday celebrations eating ice cream for breakfast
  • fireside movie viewing 
  • lunchtime breaks from online school exploring around the creek's bend
  • afternoon playdates writing scripts and composing songs with her best pal
  • nighttime kitchen dance routines
When the Universe forces us to strip down to what we feel like we can control, all we have to offer to each other is our dulcet Spirit.