August whirlwind

Five. Forty-five. Nine. An august whirlwind of significant years and events, including lunch lines, laugh lines, and star lines. It's amazing how quickly the summer continues to pass like the two-minute solar eclipse. Magical and wondrous, but only for a moment. 

We've spent these early years prepping N. to be brave, kind and curious. And in a second, off goes my heart on the bus -- all on her own -- to kindergarten. August truth. She is more than ready to explore the world of *five* and all that is possible this year. This past summer, after family visited from Saudi Arabia, N. was most interested in culture and why some girls and women wear hijabs, even dressing her babies in their own head scarves. Just yesterday, she befriended a neighbor on the bus who wears sparkly and colorful headwraps, kindersized. 

August truth. I will always be forty years older than my daughter. Since last year, I have been applying wrinkle/laugh line moisturizer to my face. Made especially for those 45+. Yes, I am a laugh line expert, and I embrace the honor. Thankful my partner embraces my 45-years-young expertise too. 

August truth. Nine years since my Dad died. On N.'s glorious first day of kindergarten, a couple of days before Dad's death anniversary, a beautiful black-blue-orange-white spotted butterfly (limenitis arthemis) hovered for some minutes on our front lawn, wings fluttering ever so peacefully. Tearfully, I read it as a hello from Dad, a butterfly angel watching over N., over us. What a delightful welcome to the new school year. 
August truth. Our blessings are abundant. We couldn't be more excited and grateful for Life's inspired goodness. 

May your august whirlwind be filled with flashes of magic and thanksgiving.