Morning rise

Yesterday was the last day of fourth grade for our gal. So emotional, I've worked with incredible effort to not let the madness of the world consume me alongside the deep exhale I've let go after the past two and half years working to stay healthy and sane as we negotiate learning how to live and learn in this ongoing pandemic. 

the morning grind
the aroma of kapeng robusta
as i press my coffee
i take comfort
in my rise and shine elixir
a necessary treat
amidst the pressure of our collective trauma
this covid pandemic
the endless gun violence
the light rain outside my kitchen window
greets me easily at the breakfast table,
reminds me to breathe
and moves my pen along on a wayfaring journey
as i struggle through my moving mist
and remember it is a brave and radical act of devotion
to set a tender intention and sigh
let me breathe only love
in this moment 
and watch how the tears fall and let go


Love Spring

won't you join me
on this stroll into the woods
along the winding creek
where spring is sprung
the neighborhood fox
sits on the path
determined to have a staring contest with me
the birdsong responds
to the tree frog call
they compose
the backyard trill
i inhale the faintest smell of honeysuckle
as the tulip trees shake off the weekend rain
i lift my face to Spring's breath


Her Greatness

I've absolutely been soaking in as much vitamin D and tree oil during my morning treks with the dog. The best part? No one else is on the trail. It's completely quiet, and I'm alone. 

the woods i visit this morning now bloom
muddy green buds, sky shines Her most radiant
and wondrous blue, tulip tree has yet
to go ahead and blosoom her palest yellow.
all this while we continue 
to stay vigilant
masking to protect ourselves and others
while last breaths still taken, while grievers
ind reason to push through

i stand still and breathe
extra deep for those who struggle 
to breathe
i pray and wonder --
are our hearts expansive enough 
to appreciate Life's beauty and live 
with this ongoing grief
i close my eyes
upon opening them
there she is in all of her majesty
blue heron
She reminds me -- 
our world, WE, continue 
to evolve and progress
stay spiritually woke and aware