Holiday vision


walking on the boardwalk
memories cascade
in the light rain
an emotional facial
my skin moist
ocean waves crash
in the distance
mist sprays
a peaceful grieving remembrance
his spirit walks beside me
he steps ever so gingerly
i welcome his visit in my dreams
with his fatherly advice
in traditional metaphorical riddle
no footprints in the sand
no voice
but only 
as i walk nostalgic, alone
in this sacred pause
and shadowy air
his silhouette unseen --
and he is there


Fog ripples

go easy, i say to this morning
please make me see clearly
may i place my feet on this murky earth
and say thank you
may i return to this miraculous breath
every wake in life
every accidental slip, intentional step, 
moment of unhinged challenge
that has been for me
i pray in the magical moment --
let the fog sweep away
all that is wrought in hate and trauma
instead, let the fog 
spread a cloud of loving compassion
turned into swinging acts of kindness
thank you, beaming sun, 
for reminding me
how strong, how deep 
these lakeside roots 
and my center stand
carry me free like the 
ripples in the fog



i took notice 
by the late afternoon's light
upon our home's foreground
that it embraces . . .
a wonder-full sight --
it moves with a coryphee's balance
it peppers not so far off summer's magic
in autumn