Sunday school

There's something about spending time in Nature that indubitably feeds the soul. N. & I try to get our outdoor hikes in at least a couple of times a week. Something like nature school on the weekdays or Sunday school on the weekends, perhaps? Being in/with Nature fosters a sense of inner peace, a lesson N. continues to learn. 

Being in nature teaches us . . . Change is constant and unavoidable. We see how the trees, grass and plants adapt to survive through winters and renew themselves with spring's sunshine. Snags, simple or complicated, help us find a new path. Sometimes we observe how a tree's roots circle around large stones in a path. These roots are strong and gracefully find their way to continue along the wooded trail. Nature doesn't need approval, it is sacred. Flowers aren't told how to act like flowers. We don't need others' approval so long as our choices are healthy for us. We are happiest when we take the time to know ourselves, grow, and accept ourselves. We are blessings.  

May you quietly happen upon the itsiest bitsiest spider in its web or a pastel yellow polka dotted butterfly in flight, may Spirit embrace you. To Sunday's Divine Nature that beams full of goodness.