We think we're gonna like it here

Life never happens the way we expect. Am pretty sure others never thought we would ever leave Jersey. In a matter of a month, four weeks of chaotic planning and packing, prepping our home to sell, we have officially moved to Northern Virginia, otherwise known as NoVA. The universe has a way of working things out. 

We arrived just two days ago. Never saw our now rental home-for-the-year in person. It was our Choice D. Found it online after an unsuccessful few days of house hunting in the DC area. And here we are. 

I sit in our dining room, multiple boxes open and strewn randomly, the smell of cardboard that has been on and off a moving truck, and take it in. Are we really here? Are we really doing this? Have we made the right decision? 

Throughout the moving process, I have made sure to be with gratitude and breathe moment by moment. I am thankful for my partner whose intellect, discipline, professional expertise and integrity have worked in his favor to bring him to an opportunity that came when he wasn't looking. I am thankful for our families who have been supportive of our move and our desire to create a better quality of life especially for our daughter, the best quality of life experiences to which we can expose her. Amidst the maddening stress of moving out of state, considered one of the top major life changes, I have frequently put things in perspective by reminding myself that we're not Syrian refugees in survival mode. We're merely moving from Point A to Point B, and we have been blessed with the resources to do so. 

This morning, we took a break from unpacking to explore Clemyjontri Park, "where every child can play." It was N.'s much deserved adventure in all of the transition. The expansive playground spans acres, where children of all abilities are welcome. It is by far *the best* playground we have ever been to. Even more impressive was that it was completely free! Watching N. roam carefree and in sheer delight, I began to sing to myself (from 'Annie's' 1982 soundtrack), "I think I'm gonna like it here . . . " I know we're going to like it here. 

We have received the warmest welcomes from an old college friend and his husband who treated us to a weekend brunch, distant family member who continues to be a communal resource, as well as our niece who happens to be attending a local university as an out-of-stater and is an incredible older cousin and pal to N. A. is upstairs preparing for his first day in his new esteemed position, an amazing career juncture that has brought us to making a wonderfully unwonted life in Fairfax County.

We're off to great places. Today is our day. We're off and away!



to dwell in possibility
to trust in the Universe
to fancy kismet
like a first-time rebounder -- 
move beyond fear,
jump! into Life