February frost

february frost 
it's a color that i fancy
clouds set perfectly in the distance
as they glide gracefully ever so slowly backwards 
against the winter's nippy blue beyond
the blustery wind whips behind my back
and geese honk wildly as they descend on the lake
everyday i seek my hiking mate
the royal heron who ever so slowly 
wades along the water's edge
nowhere to be found today --
she must have tucked herself away 
from the february frost 


Year of the rat: Kindest year ever

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artwork by B. Giordano
Lunar new year of the rat (1972, my year!) has kicked off super busy. From the Manibos' 50th anniversary celebration to A.'s black belt in Okinawan Shidokan to shaking all that is fierce women of color in the 40-50-year-old range (7yo NB voluntarily shielded her eyes in some superbowl halftime show moments) to NB's upcoming First Penance this weekend. And in the midst of festivity, my heart sinks as I drive by a local cemetery and daytime funeral procession. While I don't know who they mourn, I honor a stranger's life and quietly weep while others publicly mourn the deaths of a basketball legend and his daughter as if they were members of their extended families. 
As much as possible, I try to shut out the world of political insanity and chaos. Instead, I choose to focus on my worlds of immediate family, school community, and tribe of like-minded mommas. For now, my purpose is to be accessible to my second grader as well as serve my local community. Working at home is no easy feat as I frequently think about how to make my way back into the world of work outside of home and balancing family, public service, and self-care. 

At the heart of it all is kindness. When we have lost faith in democracy, when we feel the unsteady future and watch in slow motion as the ice cracks in the lake and we hold our breath, the world can be frighteningly chilling. And we hope, there is saving grace. That moment when someone/someones happen 'round the bend, see you and extend a lifeline. That is the gravity of faith and kindness in the Universe. 

Kindness makes sense when it's all that's left amidst loss, fear, and anger. Before we decide to pick up and exit (yes, we fantasize about living abroad), there's kindness to be done right here, right now in our local communities. For fear of hopelessness in a sea of hateful discord, may we band together, find what feels hopeful, and choose kindness.