To the edge of wavelets

We're on vacation for the first time since N. was born. She's 19 months old. So far, so good. Having had to pass on a family, international destination wedding in a couple of months that included non-direct air travel and two stopovers -- one of which was an overnight, we'll see how this week away from home, a couple of states away, fares.

Slow paced, not doing anything major. Just the indoor pool and a few local day trips. It's what I love most about the New England shoreline. Nice and easy right along the Water's Edge

Have my eclectic (enough for me) Pandora shuffle on -- a mix of Dar Williams, The Carpenters, Jake Shimabukuro, Annie Lennox and Aloha Ka Manini. As I look out past our cottage balcony, freezing rain continues to fall, ice storm leavings along the ground where the resident geese cast their droppings. The water of the Long Island Sound totes a muddy gray that complements the oyster clouds. Winter just refuses to let go.

Still, it's a most welcome getaway. Just the three of us. Our humble family. Every day, I remain in awe that the Universe gifted N. to us. I know that A. agrees with me -- it can be hard to remember what life was like before N. -- staying at B&Bs along the Jersey and Connecticut shores (so thankful we treated ourselves to those!), going to the movies, dining out. Yet not too difficult to recall in the midst of toddlerdom! Now it's all about visiting Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, reading favorite books over and over (and over) again, and figuring out meal variations of applesauce, bananas, blueberries, butternut squash, chicken, eggs, english & sugarfree muffins, fish, mango, peas, pasta, sweet potatoes, turkey, and yogurt.

While we're on vacation, I indulge in my share of seafood as well as ice cream and wine in front of a modest sea of flames crackling in the fireplace. Despite the required polartec gear, we trek downhill beyond the bare stone wall to the edge of the wavelets. N. delights in the brisk coastland air and does her celebratory happy dance.  

Taking it nice and easy. Certainly a most cherished spring break. 


The thaw

o spring 
where are you?
the pond begins to thaw
a frosted cake sheet of ice
we wait 
alongside the geese and ducks
in rowdy symphony
they whine their way to sunshiny days
o spring 
where are you?