'Tis the season . . . to be mindful

After a rainfilled weekend (our rain catcher measured at 7.5 inches!), I treated myself to a woodsbath yesterday morning and got my much needed dose of balmy wet leaves. I treaded the muddy trail soaked by overflowing lakewater, each foot pressing softly onto the ground trying to avoid my sneaker accidentally sinking. Deep breath, noticing when my left heel followed by my toes touching the earth. Vital exhale, noticing when the right heel of my other foot followed by my toes touching the earth. With every breath, I imagine all my loved ones walking alongside me as we step and admire the almost winter lakeside view -- the trees are bare, and the sopping trails drown in leaves in various shades of toasted ginger strewn all over while patches of flourishing willow moss peek around tree roots. 

As the holidays approach, all kinds of feelings and expectations creep up. Boundaries may need to be set. The greatest gift we can give to ourselves? As many mindful moments as possible. 

So I invite you to go ahead and connect with yourself. Take a breather. Close your eyes or hold a soft gazse. How does your body feel? How's your heart? How's your energy? And breathe again. Scan your body. Start at the top of your head, face, neck, shoulders. Work your way down your arms to your fingers, chest, torso, hips, thighs, legs, feet and down to your toes. Imagine yourself in a favorite place and take a moment to be there. Enjoy your light. 

This gift to ourselves promises to keep giving especially when we are truly present to connect with others. 

Wishing you and yours a winter holiday fillled with mindfulness. 


Let and letting

Life abounds
ever try to catch thunder or a hurricane? 
choke a river & it will find a new groove
resist Life and the ocean surge will swallow us
what can we do but let it all in
the dreams, the fears, failures and triumphs
when sadness and loss grip our hearts
everyday simply becomes being in our truth
choosing to let go of our known ways of being
and letting our inspired Life reveal itself