To endure our course

how do we move through
day after day
what assurance rises in me
like the starlings in flight 
the world continues to murmur
unending forever finding
some hint of hope 
in the days that come again and again
our spirits struggle to strengthen
beaten after beating
can we reflect back to the world
the power of compassion and healing
see how we are the brightest stars
connected to the limitless beyond
urging each other's gifts of
community and light


We can do hard things

Our homeschooling stint wraps up this week, and it's bittersweet. As we honor our promise to N. that she could return to her school once she is fully vaccinated, the bittersweetness of our default-homeschooling-due-to-the-pandemic causes me to take in a deep breath and remind myself, We can do hard things.

Aaahh, and a sigh of relief because I have done the hard thing, WE have done the hard thing. While I've always been curious about homeschooling (Supplement? Sure I can do that.) and work intentionally to parent mindfully, I never thought I had it in me to homeschool. But I've done it (with the support of my partner, outsourcing math and veteran homeschooling mom friends)! And we thrived. Sure, we had challenging moments here and there, but we've experienced the delight of homeschooling, including the learning freedom without the maddening pressures of time or testing. I've tried to follow my kid's genuine interests and stoke her learning flames so that schooling is not a race, but scenic wishfulness.

Like wishing I could see the much awaited Comet Leonard in the night's sky. And I did! Kept looking up at the stars, scanning the nightfall for a flash of something. And there it was . . . a silent swish across the sky. I wondered, Did I just see that?! 

I hope that we've met our homeschooling days with that same questioning surprise, and I trust that N. will continue to kindle that same amazement upon her return to the traditional classroom in the new year. 

may we stroll beneath the stars
samba across the jazzy scape
where beryl bursts across the sky
and we let our wishes dazzle our spirit