Thank you, Covid

As the holidays approach, I find myself even more reflective than I've ever been these past nine months struggling to live optimistically in the midst of covid. Moments of ridiculous laughter followed by a welcome release of tears while facetiming with my cousin in California . . . just because . . . as we continue to persevere and build resilience. Thank you, Covid, for giving us a reason to love harder. May this season of hibernation root you deeply as we round the corner to a new year of resetting, restoring and retooling. Ongoing fierce love & wellness . . . 

i see my reflection in their eyes
my daughter's
my partner's 
and i am devotedly imperfect
like the cheeseburger rice with broccoli
topped with kimchi
i cheffed up for wednesday night's dinner
in the midst of a pandemic
we drag perfectly imperfect
everyday a poem to breathe