Holiday reverie

holiday away sunside
conscious breath is my reflecting pool
a family of four 
mother, father, daughter & her husband
a burning memory
a family of three
mother, father, & son or daughter
a burning intention 
i greet Grace
with abundant thanksgiving


Acoustic heart

his guitar strums
and inspires meditation
music soothing
like autumn's rainfall 
and a poetic exchange with Rumi
Adoption update
We're hopeful that 2012 will be our year.  Yet another staff change at PSB (our agency), our new contact person, B., definitely seems more accessible and willing to keep us posted even when there may be no new updates.  We recently learned that two families are ahead of us in the child match process.  Given that we are open to accepting a three- to six-year old and that A. & I are both Filipino American, there is a chance that we might jump ahead of the two families ahead of us.  But of course, no guarantees.  No adoption agency would offer such a guarantee.  In the meantime, for self preservation I tell myself that just maybe, we'll get our match . . . last quarter . . . 2012.  Until then, the wait continues . . . and I pray discerningly with an acoustic heart.


Three wishes at the fountain

i sit in front of the prayer fountain
i have three wishes
to experience peace in my Life's calling
to express thankfulness for harmony at home
to unite in pure delight with our waiting child
[meditation garden, 31st st., nyc]
a robust NYC pigeon waddles and interrupts my meditation
(perhaps a visit from my dad)
i sit with Gratitude
and bathe in devoted wishfulness
(when i open my eyes he is gone)