Little Christmas [aka Women's Christmas]

My loves are back to school and back to work today. Having awoke to Little Christmas this morning in celebration of the three Wise Women who likely were the ones supporting Mary at the her son's birth, I took a moment to thank the Universe for a blissful holiday. And yes, after the holidays, women deservedly require their own day of ballyhoo after all the magic they've chosen to orchestrate!

My much welcome 4mi-hike around Lake Royal, every mindful breath is sacred. At one point, I even feel an unexpected blowy touch on the back of my windbreaker. I imagine perhaps it's my Dad with a quick hello. With every just-a-taste dose of red wine during our Christmas in Connecticut, I miss him so. Just when the January breeze picks up through the trees, the ripples in the lake shimmer with such sparkle as seagulls gracefully take flight. And I take it all in (heartful sigh). 

May 2020 bring you Wise Women gifts of everyday peace, treasure and wellness.