Thus far it's been a most passionate June. Between my beloved uncle's unexpected open heart surgery and my daughter's kindergarten wrap-up, what intensity. Because of #familygoals, I shot up on the Amtrak Acela to Stamford (CT) to support my cousins as they, Auntie & Mom waited with baited breath. I am all too familiar with the experience of waiting for your husband to emerge from bypass surgery. Thankfully Uncle was in the best medical care as possible. New heart center with wide crystal windows overlooking Long Island Sound. These are the kinds of like-vacation-luxury hospitals people pay for abroad instead of having their surgeries done stateside. Family members can wait in the peace rooms fully equipped with relaxing massage chairs. Update: Uncle is at home recovering lovely. 

Upon a weekend turnaround, I threw myself into a series of last week kindergarten events -- KinderGames, Camping Under the Stars, Pizza Party, Ice Cream Extravaganza. I took over being Class Mom when one mom had her third baby and the other works full-time outside of the home. What an experience it has been to support N.'s teachers and her class as "Nayla's mom." Here we come, first grade!

Then I have my own upcoming surgery. It was supposed to happen end of May. But my doctor gave birth early, and I had to reschedule, now in 10 days, June 28th. Sometimes the Universe has a strange way of working things out. Had I had my surgery when it was originally scheduled, I would've missed out on N.'s kindergarten wrap-up, and I wouldn't have been able to support my family through the most difficult waiting. 

And I have been waiting the last six months to have a hysterectomy. Relieved no cancer, but necessary. Stay tuned for HysterSister stories. Can't wait to don the white capris with no worries!

To the box turtle who paid us a visit this past Father's Day weekend in our yard:  Grateful for your Spirit in reminding me to walk my path of peace with determination and to stay grounded even in the midst of chaos. 

In the meantime while trying to kick feeling run down and a lingering cough, I have the deepest gratitude for family intimacy, health insurance, my generous and patient Nightingale mom, and incredibly supportive spouse. Thankful everyday for his passionate love, respect and partnership in this wacky adventure called Life. 

Almost 15 years together, happy 13th anniversary, A.