Virginia is for lovers

Autumn won't reach its peak here in NoVA until the end of October. The leaves are just starting to turn ever so slightly -- the tiniest glimpses of topaz and ruby amidst lush emerald woods. 
Running along the creek on Indigenous Peoples' Day, I breathe deeply, thankful for this moment to pause and give respect to the winds whispering zealously and sun beaming through the sky-high thicket canopy as flashes of cardinal red and blue-gray long tailed fellow wanderers catch my eye. 

Something about water, any water, no matter how it trickles or gushes, has a way of soothing our souls and bringing us back to ourselves.

as we walk
the Universe walks with us 
Beauty abounds
as we walk
we walk with Grace

Virginia is for lovers, and still Jersey strong, we have become lovers of Virginia.