unfolded laundry left wayside
ordinary day after ordinary day
i watch netflix
episode after episode 
of my favorite sitcom
with bated breath
i wait on edge 
& life unfolds
she turns 21 
and sips (not) her first 
taste of riteful sweetness
& life unfolds
just 18, she will feast on
her first pizzetta in Italia
her fledgling eyes gaze upon a naked David 
& life unfolds
(in a John Hughes-esque kind of way)
for the sophomore
stylin' at the high school senior prom
he is a young man 
& life unfolds
as we celebrate everyday achievements
with tea parties
for the little miss, 
who's finally pee'd and poo'd (bare butt!)
in the 'big' toilet
& such is life unfolding
in its own rhythm
life moves,
life is mind-bending, 
& the magic keeps unfolding


Simply magic

typical morning run 
common winged ivory spirits flit along 
this trek through the woods
hushes my mind
as a lilac butterfly flutters past me
like a flash of the sol (*soul*) through the drizzle
simply magic