The universe at work

It's been a while since I've had a massage.  I indulge in spa treatments two times a year.  Lucky for me, I've racked up enough points on my credit card to earn myself a spa gift certificate.  So today was a day just for me.  I began my morning with a run at the gym, then was off to my 11am deep tissue massage at Orange Skye Day and Wellness Spa.  I'd mentioned to Olga, my massage therapist, that I wanted her to especially focus on my neck and shoulders.  While her pressure was sometimes painful, it's achingly well-worth-it-kinda pain as I imagined all of the toxins leaving my body's nooks and crannies.  As she released knots deeply embedded within my upper shoulders and neck, Olga in her Russian accent commented, You sure do carry everything on your shoulders.

An hour later, I sat with my steaming cup of green tea in the parlor, a homey relaxation area in the 100-year-old vintage home complete with its original features.  The owner and mother of three (ages 25, 18, & 8), Maggie, happened to be there.  As we engaged in Saturday spa conversation, I soon learned that she, too, was a Jersey City native who made a career change from interior design for high-end clients to holistic wellness, as well as a quality of life change from a life of long work and commuting hours to a more balanced one with a 5-minute walk to work (work that she loves).  

For me, a truly inspiring encounter.  

Did I mention that Maggie grew up in the exact same JC neighborhoods as I did? 

I think my Dad must be looking out for me.     

Working towards a simple life
I haven't officially launched the project quite yet.  It's been two years in the making -- Simple Vita.  Official launch coming soon. Guided by some of my Dad's last words of life advice, I have embarked on a journey to bring together my career experiences and personal interests to create Simple Vita, a community where we learn that the most challenging work we do in our lives is within ourselves.  My hope is that together, people will find ways to keep life simple, appreciate the present, and support each other to be illuminated in spirit.  

In addition to owning the spa, Maggie is also the creator of YourWellnessNJ.com, a network of wellness resources focused on the whole person, the whole life

Maggie and I then chatted enthusiastically about my offering wellness workshops to the resource network.  I felt an instant connection to Maggie, who also happens to be an older mom to her youngest son. I'd shared with her how we were in the adoption process and currently in waiting mode for our child.  (I am fully aware that I will be an older mom.)

Looking forward to meeting Maggie for tea or coffee in the near future.  I know the universe is at work, and wonderful moments are about to happen.    


Moment by moment

each moment
pixel by pixel
colors shaded by hues
sounds, smells & sights
detail daily events
each one original from the other
our extraordinary Life in technicolor
moment by moment


Sacred autumn

to behold the iridescence
of living souls
to remember the luminance
of those dead
when once they were
on life's sacred stage
where sometimes we might teeter . . .
and sit in the audience
. . .  i throw myself 
upon life's sacred stage
Every day is an opportunity for Thanksgiving. Thank you, Spirit, for a most wonderful reunion with cousin A., who is visiting from China for a few months.  Thank you for family, who take the time to share their generous love in feast and purposeful conversation.  With gratitude especially to Tita C. and Tito R. who hosted this evening's Thanksgiving.  To blessings and being active on the sacred stage of Life.     



To soundful merrymaking!  A. & I have spent the past five weekends preparing to put our downtown JC apartment on the market.  From the antique white paint to a new bathroom vanity to a custom cut saddle, we are finally done!  Here's to selling the one-bedroom before the end of the year.  While most expectant couples "nest" in preparation for the arrival of their little one, we are hoping to increase our Bring Home Baby (BHB) funds as we continue to await our child match and anticipate the pick-up time of our three-to-six-year-old.  Understanding that the adoption processing fees never seem to come to an end -- immigration application extensions, clearance renewals, homestudy updates, passport renewals and no doubt, more -- the financial preparations  and ongoing paperwork outweigh any emotional incubation.

In the meantime, the Indian Summer jamboree includes Saturday fishing with a college mate, C., and N., visiting from Down Under, at Belmar topped off with a late lunch at Klein's Fishery.  C. lives in Philly, so we make it a point to connect every few months.  C. & I casually strolled the boardwalk from Avon to Spring Lake and back while our men fished.  Sadly, the uncharacteristic more than 80-plus-degree sun made for a No Catch day.  Nonetheless, we welcomed being outdoors and basked in the art of doing nothing.  

Never seems to be any time to do absolutely nothing.  It is those moments . . . digging my feet into the warm, wet sand like a mud soak . . . the cool waves of the low tide washing refreshingly over my peds as I wade along the shoreline . . . balmy spots alternating with chilled ones . . .  and in the company of an old friend.  

Indian Summer's Jamboree
autumn star
in unexpected revelry
out of the wild blue
summery sunshine
bursts into song


Bobbing patience

Two years, one month, and four days that we're (not) expecting.  Most usually focus on the mom who's expecting.  Few give any attention to the father.  This past weekend, I was reminded how much A. is looking forward to becoming a dad just as much as I look forward to becoming a mama.  A. is much more disenchanted with all the waiting we've been doing, and I am more forgiving and accepting that the long wait is a part of the journey.  Every time the wait seems endless, A. says, "Can we just cancel?"  I know he doesn't mean it, that frustration is just getting the best of him.  He's convinced that he'll be 50 by the time we receive our child referral.  While we can't control how quickly the Philippine Inter-Country Adoption Board matches us with our future daughter or son, I know that some little one is wondering when she or he will finally get parents.  I gently point out to A., Let's enjoy our time BC (before child).  Not so easy when every waking moment is committed to something that has to be done whether it's work, home repairs, or plain exhaustion from the day-to-day.  For A., who is happening upon a 40-something birthday this month, along with his five-year healthy heart anniversary this upcoming December, the anticipation of our child is admittedly related to his mortality.  When A. unexpectedly underwent his quadruple bypass in 2006, he'd shared with me that his absolute only regret was not having a child as he didn't want to leave me alone in the world if he were to die.  And every day, I am thankful for the time A. & I have together.  

Prayer for the Dad-To-Be
girl or boy, it doesn't matter
your child 
of you
with you
patience bobs up and down
on ocean's ends 
as daughter or son and dad
wait to free memories of past's decisions