Purple haze blessings

I am missing out on a huge family event this weekend -- my cousin, who's like a brother's wedding. It was so difficult to make the decision to not attend his festivities. But we are the parents of an almost two-year-old, so that shifts our priorities a bit (not to mention the financial blow we had to take from an unexpected and forced termination of our adoption process). I highly doubt N. or we would've survived the 8 to 15-hour trek, including stops because there were no direct flights and on top of that, the costly travel expenses. 

Wishing so much we could have celebrated with them in person, I have spent the last few days scanning facebook and their wedding app to remotely participate in their once-in-a-lifetime party. While we can't be in Puerto Vallarta at the moment, I am so heartwarmingly delighted to see that M. & B. have had the time of their life. I am so proud to witness their courageous and whopping love in a world where it's not always easy to learn how to love ourselves or others, let alone feel loved. 

Dedicated to my dearest ading Mitch & Ben:
May you continue to love deeply,
May passion and patience be your guides 
in this adventure called Life,
May your purple hearts always bedazzle
like paper lanterns aglow amidst twilight's orchid haze.

Lovelovelove to you both.