2018 Hopeful New Year

This afternoon, I was thankful to savor a sacred pause in the company of a wise friend with whom I hadn't visited in a while. We welcomed our pre-New Year's hike, and the crisp air was restorative. Wishing you & your loves a Hopeful New Year. 

another Very Jersey Holiday has come and gone
like the Miracle of Christmas.
i return to the ice-covered lake
freshly frozen and still --
i feel *Trust*
even when 2017 has brought monstrous social damage
and gut wrenching heartache
whilst in the thick of what burbles beneath 
the depths of the benumbed wintry sheet
i find *Courage*
to break through to a more *Hopeful* New Year



Every morning, I try to hike my version of 'wild.' Perhaps wild enough to know that we need time to be tame. 

While I imagine that I can be Cheryl Strayed or Reese Withersoon in the book or movie versions not yet having hiked alone the entire almost five miles around the entire lake, appreciating my morning can sometimes be a struggle. Sometimes it goes smoothly because I tried with every effort to be patient. Other times, I wish I hadn't become so frustrated and yelled so much at N. for fear of not walking out quickly enough and missing the schoolbus.

Some mornings are certainly wilder than others. Once N. is off to school, it's time to go on a not-so-epic hike. A not-so-into-the-wild one. 

A time to be gentle with myself. 

Even with the bunyan-esque trees swaying in the wind that whips just a bit on chilling days, this manageble time -- even in the wilderness of Burke Lake -- is delicious. 

I am completely alone. The trail is big enough that other hikers, runners or walkers are spaced out enough that we don't bother each other. It's quiet time to clear my mind or just spend time with those whom I miss terribly -- my Dad, my dearest friend -- especially with the holidays approaching. 

On the coldest days, the shallowest parts of the lake have the thinnest sheet of ice as geese and ducks glide along the edge.

And I imagine that I am just as fancy-free to go about my day.

Wishing you some delicious time to yourself before the holidays swoop us into the wild.