Through the rain

Today is day 30. I did it. I have just completed my personal 30-day TRUE challenge Yoga with Adriene, my at home yoga practice. I actually made it to the mat not a couple of times a week as I've been doing for so many years, but every day for the past month. There were days or evenings when I thought, Oh, I'll just skip today and catch up tomorrow. But my partner would urge me, Go now. Get yourself to your mat. That's what discipline is. 

Some days, I struggled. Just like my hikes through the rain. But when finally on the path, I was fine, finding what felt good -- even if it didn't feel immediately great. Same goes with my at home yoga practice. Except it's not just doing poses in the privacy of my own space, unable to compare my body or ability to others positioned around me. It's about struggling through whatever storm's brewing in our community, in the world, in our personal lives. Some days, what has become commonplace news about school gun violence overwhelms me. Another day, it's about my ornery kindergartener . . . or how a few numbers are off on a blood test, and that health concern from a routine physical sends me spiraling into complete worry. And I have to tell myself, Absolutely do not read anything online. Yes, the struggle is real. 

But we have to find what feels good. Like a walk in the rain. Or 20 minutes on the mat. Breathing in love and breathing out hope.  

While I may not have an in-person yogi correcting my every alignment, there's something to be said for a friendly guiding voice that encourages me to find my own grace on and off the mat. Especially when it means venturing out of my comfort zone and being fearless. Because sometimes we just need to engage in a new experience and get to the heart of who we truly are.


Blessed fog

60 plus degrees today. I was thankful to go on a short hike at the melting lake this morning. As I walked through the woods, warm layers met cool ones as if I were breathing in menthol through Nature's pipe. Deep inhale . . . long exhale. My trek through the fog was spiritual, especially when fog is a sort of force reserved for angels beyond. Couldn't help but think of my dear sister*friend who now hangs with the angels. 

where there is no beginning where there is no end
her cold limbs embraced in Her warm Spirit
she fiercely floats
into the mist wherein lies plucky passion