Expect wonderful

It's New Year's Eve. My little one has been asleep since 7.45pm, and I'm pretty sure we won't make it to midnight. We banged a pan or two and played the drum because around noon, East Coast time stateside, it was New Year's somewhere else in the world (like the Philippines!) . . . & this way, our little lady got to pound in 2015. 

As I sip my indulgent dark chocolate sensation spiced with a nip of creme liqueur, I heartfully prepare myself to welcome the new year. Another year without my Dad. Another year with my loves -- my life partner, our daughter. Another year with my Mom. Another year with other most cherished family members and friends. Another year to be grateful for all that is Life. 

Another year to expect only wonderful.

May the New Year bring miracles of love. May your native wisdom keep your heart open as you unlock other hearts. Wishing you true love in 2015.