Welcome, Gabriel Diaz-Barias!

Let's see . . . My dad died a little over a month ago.  My employer laid me off the second week I was back to work . . . AND I'm not pregnant since trying for a year and three months now.  Can life be any better? I have lots to share with my endocrinologist next week when he asks me at my routine check-up, "So, how are you doing?"  Yeah, how am I doing?

I am happy to say that I am a Ninang once again!  And every time is truly such a an amazing blessing.  My sixth (yes, sixth!) godchild was born Tuesday, September 30. Welcome, Gabriel Diaz-Barias. Eight pounds and two ounces.  He is looking muy guapo as he is Chino-Latino. Congratulations, Jodi & Faustino! May every day of your son's birth bring you lots of love, laughter & hope. 

Always a godmother, never a mother (sigh) . . . and I'm okay with that though I am considering returning to therapy after a considerable hiatus . . . still considering.  After all, I never thought I'd be marrried -- ever!  I keep telling myself, I am okay.  The Spirit works in wondrous ways. Really, I do still have my wits about me. And I am grateful for the blessings that I experience.  To autumn's peace.  Breathe.