My mind's stroll

Tita Cindy (from Texas) has been in town.  We were blessed to visit with her a bit this afternoon and enjoyed a lovely fall stroll along Raritan Bay just five minutes down the road from our home.  A mindful walk, the sun nourished my tired spirit.  I was reminded once again how peaceful the walk is along the bay. What a gem to live so near the water.

my mind's stroll

my spirit wanders
the beaten bayshore's boardwalk
as i breathe deeply 

In remission
We also had a chance to visit with some old family friends in Newtown, PA this weekend.  Tita Lor is in remission from leukemia.  Definitely worth celebrating!  Tita Daisy & Tito Joon were up from FL for a quick hello.  While we were thankful to be spending time with them (including Tito Lito, Auntie Aurea, Uncle Regino, Aileen, Julie, Jasmine & Tita Noemi), I think Mom & I were both overwhelmed.  These are my parents' old friends from Stamford (CT).  Dad & Mom would drive up on the weekends just to bowl with them.  The only person missing was Dad.  I suppose he was there -- enjoying everyone's company too.