In the name of Autumn

last night's thunderstorm resounded in worship
and this morning's muddy gravel crunch leads me to 
a moment of truth
as the glimmer of the lake ripples
rain mittles from the pearly stoned sky
i stand in prayer
flashes of amber & ruby fire
a lone duck glides along the lake
i am alone too
as the fall breeze whispers and shushes
in waves
i tune in to the bob of the pier
a gust upon my back
the swell in the trees
my heart swells too
with praise


Family ties

Sometimes meeting family for the first time is like a blind date, full of excited and anxious energy. The idea of meeting them for the first time, thinking 'will we get along, will we like each other?'

And when it works out, it's a familial bond and memories in the making. Am grateful to have met another family member from Saudi, who spent a couple of nights visiting with us.

that first hello
cautious so as not to offend
we barrel through the family ties that bond
learning about each other's pasts, each other's lives

when it's time to leave
we are thankful for our shared time together
a rare meeting forever in our hearts

no matter where we breathe around the globe
the draw of family
pulls us towards home


Enthusiast here

Last weekend, I participated in my monthly all-day mindfulness workshop at the Mindfulness Practice Center of Fairfax. Since then (and since I'm currently not working outside of the home), I've been toying with the idea of how to briefly describe myself. You know how on facebook, the "About" section pops up with a round of questions: What makes you happy? What's your life motto? Where would you like to visit? What are your hobbies? And I came up with this -- An enthusiast of simply delicious moments

I'm making that my personal tag.

In the struggle to establish a new balance between tending to family needs, keeping home, volunteering in the community and at N.'s school, figuring out next steps, and taking care of myself, I also strive to practice awareness and compassion in all aspects of life, to take stock of as many simply delicious moments as possible such as ... 

* our trek to the bus stop with my morning coffee in hand as N. asks for a couple of firm hugs & kisses before she boards.

* my daily morning walk/run/woods bath after N. boards the schoolbus, during which I'm constantly on the lookout for our resident neighbors -- mama deer and fawn, listening to the creeks' trickle, trying not to be startled by the enormous squirrels rustling through the early fallen leaves. 

* my at home Yoga with Adriene, who gently and playfully encourages me to find what feels good with every practice. Adriene welcomes all levels of students (including my not so flexhible self), is down-to-earth, passionate and compassionate when it comes to mindfulness. 

* working in the midst of quiet, whether it's the dishes, laundry, scheduling doctors' appointments, calling/writing my local legislators, participating in local school board/PTA meetings or journaling. 

* preparing dinner, including my daily search on allrecipes.com dependent on ingredients available. 

* welcoming my loves home from school and work as I'm sensitive not to bombard them with questions about how their day went given their need to decompress.

Simply delicious moments, these are. A mindful enthusiast, I try to be.