Here I am

Twas Wimbledon Sunday, which meant while A. was watching the final men's match, I took myself to church, a much needed visit w. Goddess Nature. Since N. has been on summer break, I've tried to creatively strike a balance between enjoying doing nothing (so she can figure out what to do with herself when she complains "I'm bored" amidst way too many toys that no matter our monthly donations, more make their way into our home and mountains of books, blank notebooks, colored pens, markers and art kits) and experiencing summertime complete with murals, pillow fights, taiko drums, pooltime and piano and theater camp, along with sprinkling Tagalog/Ilocano, math and reading fun too. Not to mention the challenge of limiting screen time! Also trying to make up for last summer which was super difficult what with my being in and out of the hospital. 

So took myself to church this morning . . . to save my sanity.
enchanted am i 
when lakechurch surprises me
waterfall calls out
here. i. am.



nighttime danceoff flit
kids chasing after fireflies
summerbeat's rockin'


Summer solstice

as i wash the dishes
and glance out the kitchen window
a simple white winged friend
lands on our deck's butterfly flowers
a sure sign of summer solstice
this white butterfly with its delicate petal wings
sits for 
just a moment 
on its purple throne
if only for three seconds
and reminds us 
that angels watch over us