Let and letting

Life abounds
ever try to catch thunder or a hurricane? 
choke a river & it will find a new groove
resist Life and the ocean surge will swallow us
what can we do but let it all in
the dreams, the fears, failures and triumphs
when sadness and loss grip our hearts
everyday simply becomes being in our truth
choosing to let go of our known ways of being
and letting our inspired Life reveal itself


Always look up

look up -- 
to slowly see the wonder of nature as if for the first time thousands of leaves changing color ever so gingerly slower than a summer's snail greens to golds to pinks to oranges to reds snowflakes will stick to the kitchen window like spring's fallen petals in the rain when we let go of our monkey minds
long enough
to know --
this is the best season of our lives


At the altar

I spent yesterday in an all-day silent retreat with my MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) class. Only one session left. I'd set an intention for the day, not to compare it to my past all-day meditation practices at the Mindfulness Practice Center (Fairfax) and to welcome the day with renewed hope. May we heal this broken world of ours, one sacred breath at a time. 
at the day's altar
i seek the Universe's light
to reflect Life's poetry back to me

at the day's altar 
i offer my conscious breath
grateful to have lived another day

after eight spells
this intimate group of believers
awakens my commitment to
kapwa . . . togetherness

i walk through the window of wonder 
with a deeper practice of sacred breath
and inner connectedness