Strong shadows

Sweatered, hat & gloves, and winter coated up, I stepped out for my hike around the lake this morning in crisp 30+ degree March wind and caught myself in a moment as I saw the Japanese maple in our front yard and its shadow on our home . . . 

their shadows follow me
in silent pauses 
through memories' years
oh, Dad
oh, Dearest Friend
oh, Lolas & Lolos
oh, Manangs & Manongs
oh, Wanted Children
your steps alongside mine
each stride supports me
as i lean into my breathing space
breathing in love
breathing out hope


Prayer of revolutionary love

may overwhelming feelings of tenderness
transcend paralyzing fears of gun violence
let the true revolution be guided by
amazing feelings of love
let's keep breathing
let's keep hoping
let's keep going
may we demand action and rise up in love


Taking refuge

This past weekend, I attended my monthly day of mindfulness with my sangha. It is always a time for me to reboot from the month's madness. I used to fret that I could only make it to the Mindfulness Practice Center once a month and not on a weekly basis. The stillness itself carries an energy, and I take refuge in the sangha which reminds me that even the most challenging moments help me to refocus and reconnect to myself. 

The truth is, my sangha is the community of people who engage and support me in practicing mindfulness to bring about and maintain awareness. My sangha is also the lake and the woods, whose silence speak to me when I take my daily hikes and ground me in taking root. 
we are the leaves on the tree
we are the waves in the sea
we are the rays in the sun
we are the stars in the sky
we are one

Wishing you all kinds of love today and everyday. May you take refuge in wherever your community of the heart lies.