Not a bad day

What happened today:

9:45am  Routine check-up with endocrinologist at NYU Medical Center.  Got to tell him how I've been doing in the last three months!  (My Dad passed away, I was laid off, and I'm still not pregnant.  I'm doing just fine!)

10:15am  Brunch at Sunflower Diner on the East Side.  Two eggs over easy, whole wheat toast and coffee.  Read.

11:15am  Walk to Madison Square Park to continue reading The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.  I cry as I read about his own and his family's cancer journey. Squirrel comes close, scurries across the top of the bench.  Think it was Dad?

12:10pm  Walk to lunch appointment on 20th & 8th.

12:30pm  Lunch with old colleagues from GCWW.

2:30pm  Check-in with sister- and brother-in law.  Does the baby need a playmate this afternoon?

3:00pm  Ice cream and visit with brother-in-law Steve and nephew/godson Jasper.  Any time with a little one lifts my spirits.  I needed that today.  Thanks, Jasper!

4:00pm  Subway to Bryant Park.  Start to read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.

6:00pm  Al meets me after work, and we walk to Port Authority for our bus commute home.  On the bus, I am once again overwhelmed thinking about my Dad while listening to tunes on my ipod.  Why can't I stop thinking about his last few days with us? 

8:00pm  Al & I forego the gym and make it a double feature -- a Walmart and Pathmark date!  Al wants to pick up more fishing stuff (Think he has enough?), and we need more groceries.

9:30pm  Salad, spinach nuggets and turkey burger patties for dinner.

Not a bad day for the unemployed.  Blessings.