Unitarian blessings

I'm currently reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.  I'd read The Power of Now a while ago, and it had a profound effect on my trying to find inner peace and to understand the madness of people and the world as it exists. Reading is one thing.  Disciplined practice is another.  All I can do is keep trying and know that my effort is worthwhile.

I've been tweaking our meditation chantry, wanting to incorporate a diverse set of spiritual inspirations that have nourished us throughout our lives.  Luckily all of the icons were already in our home.  A beaded floral glass paperweight representative of our love for nature's soothing power.  A photo of the Virgin Mary because we were raised Catholic.  Of all Christian icons, she is a womanly figure and a Mother who watches over all.  I like to think of her more fondly as Aunt Mary.  A small Buddha who reminds us that ultimate peace is laughing at ourselves, life, and with the entire universe at the sheer joy in being and feeling that 'being-ness' with no inclination to think or overthink.  And finally a good luck Native American junoesque surrounded by multiple children passed along to me by a dear friend who knows that Al & I have been wishing to have a family of our own for a long time now.  

I've been thinking about whether or not I spent enough time with my Dad.  Al reminds me that it isn't so much how much time we spent with him, but the quality of the time when we were with him.  I know in my heart that we enjoyed our time together (other than when Dad was knowingly criticizing me and trying to get a dig or two in) and laughed lots.  And I, along with Dad, can be at peace with that.  

Unitarian blessings

Sun Goddess
wakes me with her beaming smile
and calls me 
to the sanctuary of peace

walks me 
towards a more soulful path

Aunt Mary nods to me 
a caring 'good morning'

Bubbling Buddha
touches me 
with his infectious laughter

Native American Woman
invites me 
to join her wisdom circle 
of maternal love

I sit
as the winged beings
outside my heart's window
serenade me
with their psalms