Our Lady of Mercy - All Souls Day service

We attended the noon service at OLM today.  It was a special Mass for all those who have passed since last year's All Souls Day. Each person's name and date of death was written on a placard and highlighted with a votive candle. A total of 60 parishoners were honored.  At home, Mom even left a small plate of food out by Dad's urn.  So Buddhist of her, said Tyne. The service was overwhelming as I saw some of Dad & Mom's old barkada and mine too.  

We were blessed to spend some time this weekend with old family friends. We drove up to Stamford (CT) late yesterday afternoon to bid farewell to Missy & Roj, who will be moving from CT to OH.  A wonderful thank you to Tita Reggie & Tito Romy who invited us to their daughter's & son-in-law's despedida festivities!  And this afternoon, we enjoyed visiting with a good friend, Tyne, from CA. She attended Mass with us and then, we reminisced about living in downtown Jersey City -- eventually making it to a last call for dessert at Isabella's by 7th Street.

Always heartwarming to be with old friends.  Just like that downy soft favorite fleece throw that keeps me warm on a cold fall weekend morning.