What a wonderful world

How amazing is it for my hapa (mixed race) nieces & nephews as well as my close friends and their multiracial/multicultural families to witness such a heartwarming milestone in our life's and the United States' history.  A photo is worth so many words and yet, nothing needs to be spoken of such greatness.  

I've been obsessive, trying to read all I can about President-Elect Barack Obama and the influential women in his life.  Here are some glimpses into this inspiring man's life:

I didn't cry on Election Night.  I was just in awe.  But I've cried reading about his life, his story, and the stories of his mother and grandmother.  I never thought that I would see -- in my lifetime -- that this nation is ready for a hapa president.  I am so ecstatic to have been proven wrong!   

A fleeting thought -- As I came of age in my twenties, Dad would encourage me, Date a man of color. Date a Latino, date a Black man before you date a White man.  

Wonder what Dad would say today.  

I welcome the change and look forward to an awesome history in the making.  We could definitely use more of the aloha spirit.  

A ala mai laulea honua. 
Arise, a peaceful world.