Weekend sitting

This past weekend, we were blessed to sit with our nephew/godson, Jasper.  No easy task, taking care of a 7-month-old, but definitely fun.  It was such a treat to give his folks a break and actually enjoy hanging with him.  Currently Jasper's trademark move is flapping his hands & legs while he arches his back on the mat, looking like a fish out of water!  My arms still ache from rocking him for his naps.  I'm realizing, while Al & I will be older parents one day, we've had the chance to witness all kinds of parenting and experience varied schools of thought. Definitely to our advantage as we'll have an entire smorgasbord of techniques from which to select.  Weekend's affirmation? We're pretty sure that we still want kids.  Poop & all!  

We made the 11.30am service at St. Bernadette's on Sunday.  I seem to always get overwhelmed towards the end of the Mass.  It's usually the music. Or seeing all of the families, including the kids. Probably a combination.  It's always some song about Father in Heaven.  I know they're referring to God.   But I can't help thinking that my Dad's watching from there too.   

for Jasper
a fish out of water - swish!
mouthing perfect o's
jasper swims in air

Mom's departure
Mom leaves for her two-month retreat to the Philippines on Monday, November 24.  Her primary objective is to take care of Manong Michael's paperwork, though she will have to work out some financial matters with my Dad's side of the family.  I'm anxious, but am confident that Mom can handle anything that comes her way.  Hopefully she will take time for herself too, including a Cadelina cousin's family wedding in San Mateo.

Mom initiated a heart-to-heart talk with me, asking me to rid my heart of any negative energy I have towards my Dad's side of the family (in the Philippines) before Christmas.  A challenge for me, given all the drama around financial concerns and familial expectations.  I encouraged my Mom to do the same of my Dad's Knights of Columbus friends, whom she bumps into at church.  The woes that Life presents us . . .   

Praying for Mom's peaceful heart as she prepares for her journey, one that will be her memory's milestone. With Dad as her heart's companion.