Imagined inspiration

I rarely dream about my Dad.  This past weekend, he visited me alongside a unicorn with a violet mane.  Dressed in white, he said nothing to me, just stood peacefully holding onto a tame unicorn.  When I awoke, I naturally had to google the unicorn and what it might symbolize. 

A unicorn is obviously of the mystic imagination representing power, gentility and purity.  It is also inspiration at the wonders of the inner world and also represents integrity.  In Scripture, a unicorn is from the Hebrew Urus, a wild animal of great ferocity and strenth, and in a Christian context, a unicorn is the Virgin Mary. 

So much has been weighing on my mind since our visit with the ICAB board members -- adding more information for clarification to our adoption dossier to justify our viability as parents as well as training for my Run for Dad.  I suppose Dad has been on my mind more than usual.  Father's Day is still almost two months away, and I dread its arrival, a sure reminder that my Dad is no longer around.  I've found myself more overwhelmed the past couple of weeks.  Holding back tears on our bus commute, I've needed some kind of cathartic moment.  Yesterday after Sunday Mass, we lit a large sapphire candle for Dad, and I took a moment to reflect on my Dad's visit. 

Maybe Dad's trying to tell us that he loves the idea of our becoming parents.  Perhaps Dad is also pleased that A. has embarked on a communal path to joining the Knights of Columbus at our local parish.  Or maybe he's especially excited that A. & I are have been inspired to create a new local project, SV, that incorporates his extremely sound advice to us before he passed -- Live a simple life.  More to come on SV.