Thank you, Sergeant

After some back & forth communication (AND frustration) with Officer E. at USCIS regarding my current town of residence's fingerprinting procedures as well as numerous games of phone tag with Sergeant L. in our local police department, I will finally have the appropriate documentation necessary to complete our immigration application for adoption.  It's only taken two-and-a-half weeks to work out this particular concern in addition to the handful of requests for evidence (RFEs) to which we've had to respond in the last three months.  Oh, Adoption Process, how I so enjoy the hurdles you set forth in our path to a forever child.  Perhaps a true test of mamahood to come?           

A most generous thank you to Sergeant L. for his willingness to write a letter on my behalf.  We will be sure to make a donation to our local Police Athletic League. 

Apparently, I'm so hardworking that I have no fingerprints, so the digital fingerprinting process fails me.  At USCIS' request, I made two failed attempts to register my federal fingerprints to check for any criminal activity.  Did I mention that the the State of New Jersey had already provided criminal and child abuse clearance in the fall?  Due to my failed federal prints, USCIS requested that I get separate clearances for my current and previous residence which meant reqesting letters of good conduct from local police departments.  JC does grant such a letter -- for a fee.  My current town, P-ville, does not and bumps the process to the state.  After explaning my task-at-hand to Sergeant L., he ran a quick computer check on my name which returned no criminal activity and mentioned that he would be happy to be listed as a contact in case Officer E. had any questions as providing a written statement on their procedures was not a part of their traditional operations. 

But I need a letter!

While I relayed this to Officer E., USCIS, she naturally has her rules and procedures.  After all, it is the federal government.  Time for PSB, our adoption agency, to intervene.  With some coaxing from PSB, Sergeant L. graciously agreed to provide the document, which I can then overnight to Officer E. 

Until you, Adoption Process, place another obstacle en route to our forever child.  Some days, this being pregnant in my heart, are harder than others.