On not being a runner

I am so not a runner.  I much prefer to walk at a somewhat fast pace, however hurried my 4'10" legs will carry me, usually racing from Port Authority to work in Chelsea or the reverse trying to make a certain time's bus home.  

As I'm training to run 5K in just under 45 minutes (today's practice run - 46 minutes), I realize just how much I need to do My Run for My Dad more for me than for him.  An old family friend recently wrote me that her father passed away 27 years ago today, and she loves him more today than then. The grief never goes away. It just becomes a heartache strengthened by Light's compassion.

Out of the Blue

running from Grief
whose wiles sometimes suddenly grab me
during Sunday's prayer
or still meditation

i want to run from Grief  
whose bellow pushes me 
to see only a blue haze 

i want to skip
to Memory's Joy
whose laughter embraces me
like an aura of golden lemons

blessings aglow

Happy Mother's Day weekend to all the mamas in my life, the daughters and sons who miss their mamas, and those waiting to be mamas.  To radiant thanksgiving.