Closer to special delivery

One step closer!  U.S. Immigration formally approved our immigration application to adopt from the Philippines. The approval was forwarded to ICAB as part of our dossier.  It expires June/July 2011 which creates a more distinct timeframe in our minds as to when we might pick up our child in the Philippines and bring her/him home to the States.  After that federal finger-printing obstacle course, this was definitely a  most welcome piece of mail this week.  Thank you, Sergeant L. and Officer E.

With summer upon us, A. & I look forward to spending casual downtime after work along the 5-minute bay, whice we fondly consider our backyard.  We always notice the annual homecoming of horseshoe crabs as they commune along the bayshore in wanton snuggling.

Invasion of the horseshoe crabs    
on his commute home
he listens to meditative notes
as the limulus polyphemus' passionate frolic
calls to him, join us!