Do you have one?

Sadly, Mom and I attended the wake of a longtime family friend, C., who ran in the same circle of nurses who were recruited in the sixties, came from the Philippines single, married and made their lives in Jersey City. C. was a member of the Margaret Hague Maternity Hospital/Pollack Hospital Filipina nurses social group who all managed to be pregnant around the same time. So all of us kids, who are their daughters and sons, grew up together . . . attended family parties, played punchball during the Filipino Family Bowling League and picketed alongside our moms during their nursing strikes. A most joyful soul, beloved wife and mother, C. lived for more than 20 years as a kidney transplant survivor and had a chance to enjoy her grandchildren. RIP, Tita C.

Do you have one yet? Random Tita points to my uterus where there is no bump. No. We’re adopting (interrupingly, A relative?) and in the process of waiting for our child match.  A silent, Oh. Dumfounded look on Tita’s face. No congratulations. No enthusiasm. Why did I not use my longtime response, It’s up to God?

Random Tita asks Mom, Do you have any grandkids yet? Mom’s response, Soon.

I know it really shouldn’t matter what others think of our decision to adopt. It’s really none of their business. But if they’re going to publicly ask about whether or not I have kids yet, it’d be nice if they displayed some overt excitement. Otherwise, perhaps I need to go with Mom’s response. Do I have one yet?  Yes, soon

Sometimes Mom does know best.