Intended pace of life

A. & I, along with Mom, were able to get away for a short overnight stay at The Colonial Inn, Smithville (NJ).  It was a much needed respite from months of deadlines, one after the other.   The short weekend arrived after my final plea for $470,000 to the NYC Council.  For A., a retreat was most welcome after intense running on the consulting treadmill.  And for Mom (& me too), the holidays are always bittersweet reminders of Dad's absence, so she too looked forward to a change of pace.

Last time A. & I were in Smithville was Thanksgiving 2008, a couple of months following Dad's death, so Smithville seems to be our go-to holiday retreat complete with strolls along the lake, in and out of shops filled with handmade items -- from shore and fishermen home decor to trendy jewelry and fresh cheeses.  My favorite was a sample of horseradish cheddar!  We wanted to treat Mom, so we had a short stint at Borgata in Atlantic City.  She was only down $5 after an hour or so at the slots, and A. was up $20 from Blackjack. 

We attended Sunday service at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in Absecon.  Funny enough, a Filipino priest led the Mass . . . & shared his Filipino sense of humor during his homily.  On ourway home, we stopped by Rennault Winery in Egg Harbor for a quick peek.  Definitely worth a longer visit next time.  To top off our Easter weekend, we decided to unwind at the Keport Pier and watch the sun set . . . & I had a chance to visit quietly with Dad.   

Prayer of Gratitude

Thank you, Great Spirit, for the time to experience
a taste of serenity
a break from daily busyness

Thank you for our relationship with Mom
who gives so much to us --
weekly homecooked meals
unbounded love
shared enthusiasm as we wait for our child

Thank you for A. whose patience & care
are ongoing  gifts of hudsbandly affection
devotion to me
respect for his mother-in-law

I am grateful for these blessings