I was blessed to have attended the annual women's retreat sponsored by Holistic Healing in Central Jersey.  This year's theme was "Enlightening Our Hearts & Spirits."  Last year I attended alone, and this year, I was honored to have been joined by a good friend, E.  There's something sacred about bring amongst a circle of women who choose to come together for no other reason than to share in the celebration of being women, nurturing each other as well as themselves.    

A day of communing with women and learning about new age practices that can be applicable to all religious and spiritual beliefs, it's always such a restorative experience and comes at a time during the year when the anticipation of summer seems like a long haul, and the summer sun peeks its way through the brisk city winds and winter storms.  

Thankfully, I became reacquainted with my Muse, dabbled in St. Germaine's "I Am" discourses and found myself back on the path to enlightenment as Life tends to derail us into so many other insane directions, lest I forget my true purpose . . . just being.


sometimes Madness
strikes my heart
a piercing blow to my core
I am . . . Who am . . . falls
& I seek the Purple Flame . . . 

Love & Peace
purify my being
a soothing Light surrounds me
and I connect to my Self 
who sits by my spirit guide, my dad

I inhale deeply
and breathe 
intentions of generous Grace