We have been invited

We recently received our invitation to have our federal U.S. fingerprints done.  Have to be invited to do so.  We'd paid our fee to the Department of U.S. Homeland Security some time ago, and PSB informed us it might be months before we actually receive our invitation. So what a surprise that it came much earlier than expected! This moves us closer towards attaining a U.S. visa for the child with whom we'll be matched, our child.

Sometimes it seems so real.  I have to admit, the running account of fees keeps it very real.  Other times, it' still far off . . . the fact that we'll be bringing a child home.  When I read the very official maize colored invitation, I became just a little anxious.  It seems to be going a little faster than we thought.  Then again, it's just another set of fingerprints.  It's not like we've been pre-matched already.  Thoughts rush across my mind like toddlers out of control at a Chuck E. Cheese joint.  When should we start prepping the room?  Should we start looking into a child's trundle bed?  When should we rip out the carpet to put down the new floors?  Can we afford new floors? . . . because I really hate the carpet . . . Gotta get rid of that stationary bike.  Have to donate the antique bed in the guest room.  Are we going to have enough time to get ready? I don't want to get ready too soon especially if we have a while to wait . . .

So aware that when we're at Walmart for our toiletry items, I see folks load their carts with all kinds of sugary cereals, sports drinks, cookies decorated with different colored m&m's and un-natural snack packs & lunchables for their kids. It's no wonder child obesity has become such an epidemic. Maybe I'm just super-sensitive. As an adoptive parent-to-be, I've had to meet the requirements to be so. As we wait for the ultimate invitation -- to be parents, I know that accepting that invitation does not come without its memorandum of understanding (MOU) which includes raising this child in as physically and emotionally healthy an environment as possible.  Even when we're grocery shopping, I wonder . . . How much more food will we be getting when we add a child to our family? What kind of child-friendly food will we be buying? . . . because I refuse to purchase all that processed crap that eventually leads to heart-disease & obesity. Vegetables are a must. Of course, I think all this while there's no child in our midst. I am fully aware.

N.J. fingerprints?  Done.  U.S. fingerprints?  March 22, to be done. Heartprints?  In waiting.