Lucy es enciente.

Episode:  "Lucy es enciente."  As I folded unending laundry this morning, I watched an episode of "I Love Lucy," the one where she unsuccessfully makes every effort to tell Ricky that she's pregnant & resorts to slipping the host a note at his nightclub, so that Ricky can sing 'We're having a baby . . . my baby & me.'

Happy for them, I wept as Lucy & Ricky found themselves pregnant after 11 years of marriage . . . & I find, Sheelagh es no enciente.  I must be PMS-ing. 

I know I have so much for which to be thankful.  Like my new job . . . my husband, my mom, loving family & strong women friends in my wisdom circle.  I'm forgetting to be in the now.  

enciente gratitud

with boundless gratitude
i salute the women in my Mother's Council --
those who are their mothers' & grandmothers' daughters,
those who are their daughters' & sons' mothers,
those who are their partners' illumination,
those who are children of the world's villages,
whose loving graces push me up 
from the depths of my pregnant yearning
into the vast openness of my naked heart

Happy Mother's Day Weekend.