Another kind of Hunt

[As I reflect on my most recent gynie appointment - just yesterday.  I was overwhelmed to learn that we fall into the 10% of couples' probability of conceiving within a given year . . . in light of our health concerns, limited testing & two specialists' opinions . . . ]  

Goddess Ertha rules fertility, the hearth, the home, domestic life and the Wild Hunt.  My hunt for motherhood & for a forever child lies embedded in my heart's desire.  It's like a never-ending Wild Hunt, searching for something that I have wanted well enough, but remains so far from my grasp. (Maybe that's how The Sperm feel-- like they're on some wild goose chase? Not knowing where exactly to go?  Lost along some other path?) Sometimes I can smell it in the air. Other times, I feel it deep within -- like when I think I'm ovulating.  A slight, piercing soreness that lets me know that Goddess Ertha looks lovingly upon me, wanting my expedition to happen successfully.

I ask Goddess Ertha to provide the endurance & treasure map to find our way to the child who is meant to live in our hearts as well as in our home.  What a life with which The Spirit has gifted us. Allow us to accept what is, and bless us with compassionate patience as we continue on The Hunt.