The Hunt

After a week of second round interviews in the city & Freehold (NJ . . . I know, Freehold?! . . . more when I actually know how things pan out), it was a most welcome opportunity to embark on a fishing expedition along the Jersey bayshore along with Mom, Auntie & Uncle.  We decided to informally christen the day "Auntie & Uncle Appreciation Day," along with celebrating every day as "Mom Appreciation Day." 

We hit Off the Hook for an early lunch, which included grouper sandwiches & homemade onion rings. Then Al fished a bit on the bayside along The Hook, & we even hung out at the top of The Hook in the old naval barracks.  Afterwards, we headed to Belford where Al landed a 10+ lb. bluefish.  Dunkin Donuts iced coffee seemed to be a welcome reward after all our hiking at The Hook. We then retreated to Keyport for some relaxed casting along the pier before arriving at our final destination -- Dino's Fishery & Restaurant. Nothing beats Dino's sauteed soft shell crab over linguine covered in a light butter, white wine sauce. Yum!

While Al is the ultimate fisherman in search of his big or most of the time, just decent catch, all week long I'd been feeling like Diana the Huntress cautiously on the prowl for my next worthwhile (job) exploration.  By no means do I feel like it's been an easy (job) hunt, but I am hopeful that The Hunt will end soon.