Death & Rebirth --

. . . In the same week?  Mom & I attended a funeral mass yesterday morning for a very dear, old family friend of ours.  89 years old. She'd known my parents when they were single in Jersey City & had known me as a little girl.  In fact, her birthday is the day before mine.  She was the sister of the wife of an older couple who'd walked my folks down the aisle during their wedding ceremony at St. John's (Jersey City - Journal Square) 41 years ago.  Wishing you a most peaceful turnover to the Spirit World, Auntie M. (RIP)

And yesterday afternoon, I received an offer to join the development staff at a large, well-funded non-profit in NYC.  With rebirth comes a huge sigh of relief, especially for A. & Mom who seem to be more excited than I about my opportunity.  I have to admit, I'm working though some of my own anxiety about starting a new job after being unemployed for 8 months. The new job happens to be just a block & avenue away from GCWW, where I used to work.  The idea of returning to that location brings up all of the sadness, bitterness and challenge of last summer -- trying to work in a super dysfunctional culture & Dad's death, then getting laid off.  Feels like muscle memory -- returning to the scene, I guess.  I don't want bad karma biting me in the ass.  

On the other hand, I will have new experiences and new karma, I hope (haven't I got good karma coming to me?) -- working for a new organization that's well-structured & financially sound.  After all, what's the alternative?  Not working?  When I have less than three months left of emergency unemployment checks?  It took at least six months to win my first viable interview, and my last two interviews came at the end of my seventh month.  Hard times in this economy.  While I'd hoped to not return to a NYC commute, I am thankful that this rebirth of sorts will add to my professional portfolio.    

Thank you, Great Spirit, for my time off to refuel.  And thank you for a new beginning & for what sometimes seems like . . . coming back from the dead.  To rebirth!  (Maybe Auntie M. & Dad put a favor in up there?)