Unemployment - not just for those in finance

All things great in 2008. Not! Let's see . . . my Dad died. And now, I have joined the ranks of unemployment. I was laid off this afternoon. A second round of layoffs happened today.  The first one happened before I returned to work after Dad passed.  I am not the only one. Saw it coming. Not unexpected. A little stunned, but my spirit is still strong. From a staff of almost 30 down to 6 . . . and the clock keeps ticking. Gotta love non-profits. Sure.  My time at GCWW was not wasted. I was meant to be there, so that I could appreciate the time I had with my Dad and meet the people I've met who've been so supportive during our family's cancer journey. Greater things are in the stars. I look forward to taking the time to refocus and reinvent myself. One door closes, and another opens, they say?  To blessings & a new chapter. Mahalo.

(To be clear -- Only GCWW, the headquarters, has laid off its staff, not the individual GCs across North America.)