On the turnpike: Dad driving

While driving on the turnpike, I can also reflect on how Dad was there to help Al & me through Al's open heart surgery.  On more than one occasion, Dad offered to drive me down to Parlin so I wouldn't have to go alone. Sometimes it was to pick up more clothes as I was staying in the hospital with Al as he recovered.  And other times it was after work, and my parents helped to keep Al company during the day in those first few weeks while I was at work.  I'd only been at my job then for a couple of months when Al's open heart bypass had blessed our life as we knew it then.    

Silent most of the ride, I tried to hold back my tears and said, "Thanks, Dad, for driving me down."  

Dad responded, "Sheelagh, you don't have to thank me.  Of course, I'll do anything for you." 

That's all I needed to hear.