Grumpy Griever

Today was hard.  My last day before I return to work.  I had to finalize some bank business with my mom.  I'm having extreme anxiety about my mom being alone for full days as we get back into the swing of . . . life.   

Mom & I had lunch at sinugba, Dad's favorite turo-turo restaurant, corner of West Side & Roosevelt avenues, in Jersey City.  Mom & I got the combo meals.  She ordered sinigang pork & isda.  I had pinakbet & longanisa.  We topped off our late afternoon meal with a shared halo halo. Yum.

Spoke with two of my women friends tonight, each of whom lost their mom a while ago. They reassured me that:
  • Grief moves in waves, and each day does get better.
  • The worst part is over.  
I'll have to write these on post-its and staple them to my body.  (Yes, staple them.)

ps Thanks, sisters, for sharing your courage with me.

Grumpy Griever