Happy 40th Anniversary

Today is my maternal grandfather's (Lolo Mateo) birthday and my parents' 40th church wedding anniversary. My folks actually eloped in June of their wedding year before having a church wedding the following September.  Al & I will be so blessed if we make to our 20th.  

Mom spent her first weekend with us in Parlin since Dad passed away.  She had her moments, and so did I. We trekked out to Sandy Hook, just 20 minutes away from our home. Mom reminisced about how the last time she and Dad were there was when she was pregnant with me.  Dad was afraid to have a second child after Michael, so I came as a surprise. Mom shared that when I was born, Dad was so excited that all he could do was smile and say how much I looked like him. 

We attended St. Bernadette's 8.30am service this morning.  Mom had her moment through the Mass. Mine came at the end during the closing song. Something about . . . Jesus, You are the way especially in times of distress.  And both of today's readings seemed to address the transience of physical life as well as the reward of an eternal one . . . 

It was a typical Cabalda-Torres weekend what with the Jersey shore (Sandy Hook & Avon), cheering niece Nicole & nephew Max at their scheduled Freehold soccer games and dinner at Dino's (which I have to admit, has replaced our former 'family occasion' restaurant, Kujaku, in Stamford).  We bring in our own bottle of wine, and we are always happy to see our favorite waiter, Evan.  I didn't get my usual sauteed soft shell crab slathered in white wine sauce with linguine.  What with all the eating we've been doing (Mom's home cooked meals & such), I opted for the flounder florentine (fish stuffed with fresh spinach & feta).  And of course, I took half of it home.  

As Mom & I worked through a bottle of cabernet (from Chile), all she could say was, Your dad must be looking down on us very happy.

Happy 40th anniversary, Dad.  We miss you.