2010 was the year of remembered thanksgivings. And while I’ve declared that 2011 is the year of anticipated blessings, I’m working hard to beat down the winter blues – the holiday postpartum kind. It’s back to work, commuting via NJ transit bus in the Jersey freeze as I look doe-eyed into the grizzly skies every morning. At the beginning of the week, I couldn’t sleep through the night as I feared I might oversleep the first day back to work in the new year. So I found myself in the office earlier than expected on Monday morning. Three days later, I’m well into my routine now having trouble getting up early enough and making it in at the last possible moment. Gotta love how we just sink back into the daily grind. How do I make sure that the rat race doesn’t get the best of me?

That’s where my childhood’s memory, youth’s tenderness and being around kids’ (or pets') pure enthusiasm are my club to wallop SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Smack!  Take that, SAD.  I am most grateful that I can reminisce about my girlhood, and I am most ready for the unknown of 2011. Just gotta believe in wishes. 

Waiting for the ding!
hope swells
like a plumpy devil's food cake
in her easy bake oven
the promise of innocent goodness

we wait expectantly
the forethought of you holds
our eagerness as old as a preschooler
who listens for the . . .