Deep in my heart

My brain was fried more than usual this past work week as I'm trying to meet a January 20 grant deadline.  So I got up late this morning, made the homemade breakfast for A. and me that I'd looked forward to this past Wednesday when I was hoping to work from home on a snow day and instead had to trek in because NJ Transit was on a slightly delayed schedule.  And the rest of this morning, I sipped my coffee in my new tall, cornflower blue mug that E. gifted me and indulged in a Lifetime movie about a biracial adoptee woman who lived with a foster mom and an adoptive mom, then embarked on a search for her birth mom after having five kids of her own.  As with most Lifetime movies, in my lap sat a pile of used tissues.  Not a surprise, any made-for-telvision feature about adoption leaves me . . . well, waiting . . . longingly.

Our most recent adoption update, if you can call it that, is -- No news on where our dossier is in the child match lineup, but our agency contact said she'd emailed PSB's contact in the Philippines to find out.  ICAB is still working on matching families from the last quarter in 2008.  And so we wait. 

Love to be shared
on a saturday morning
Lifetime's versions of youngsters and families
pander to my visions of motherhood
as i chronicle fairytales, histories and photos
deep in my heart
i wait dotingly for you