For Xander

thaifilipino amourous fusion
from connecticut roots bred
mother and father's dewy affection hopes fully
for your anticipated ohioan homecoming
like lavish love flying open at airport's gate

My dearest family friend like a sister, M. gave birth to Xander this past Monday afternoon, 9-pounder.  Congratulations, M. & R.!  Xander's currently on oxygen and a glucose line, so his new parents and grandparents (Mimi and Grandpa) lovingly await M. and Xander's healthy recovery.  When I received M.'s email of Xander's birthday (that's M. who's on her blackberry as she lies in the recovery room from her Cesarean delivery), I was overcome by a quiet joy for M.'s newborn son along with recent news of other family friends who are expecting their second children.  At the moment, I'm further looking forward to my close college friend, E.'s birth of her fourth child.  (E. already has three supersmart boys.)  

Admittedly A. and I can't help but wonder, how many of our family and friends will go on to have more kids as we continue to wait for our one?  We have no control over the Philippines' ICAB (Inter-Country Adoption Board) or their timeframe for matching children and families.  Kind of like winter's snowstorms.  In the meantime, we celebrate our family and friends'  blessings . . . and enjoy the crystal niagara.