Mother Spirit

On the eve of A.'s grandma's memorial service, once again death reminds me that this life is momentary. I watch N. sleep and want to celebrate all of the little happenings worth toasting to!  Like A. & N.'s healthy hearts, afternoon strolls with N., or mint cookie ice cream.  

In honor of A.'s grandma, Maria Agustin Lopez (b. 12.05.1925 – d. 10.02.2012), who raised him in the Philippines for his first seven years.  

with radiant strength
like the island sun
tulad ng araw sa isla
with the flow of grace
ang daloy ng biyaya
as in an autumn rainfall
she is gone
children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren
bata, inapo, at mahusay na mga inapo
follow her 96 years
beloved Mother Spirit
minamahal Ina Espiritu