On jury duty [15.02.11]

Where do poems hide?
poems hide in my Bic Z4+ .7 black ink pen.
they crawl out of the pen cap
and jump onto the organic page of my handmade,
brick-red, leather-bound 
i-jot-down-everything-in notebook.
my poems like to play hide and seek.
they'll hide on a Monday then appear
from behind my computer monitor 
on a Thursday morning
sometimes after i've settled 
into my morning to-dos.
my poems have personality, 
and they tend to get personal.
usually when i've gone round and round in my heart and head
about stuff i don't want to give voice to out loud,
i can't be alone with.
that's when the poems seek me out,
and i try to hide behind my day-to-day.
truth is, it's a thrill when poems find me.